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Exergy Analysis Of Rotary Kiln

energy efficiency values are 94.16, 89.40, and 72.40. The exergy. efficiency values were 39.07, 52.75, and 43.49 and the exergetic. efficiency values were 71.79, 49.22, and 65.75. The efficiency of fuel use. in kilns varies from one another, depending on the type of kiln

In order to produce clinker, preheater, rotary kiln and rotary cooler are widely used in cement plant. In this paper exergy analysis, exergy balance and exergy efficiency Birla cement plant Satna. Based on average actual operation data of the process, exergy balances have been established around the preheater, rotary kiln, rotary cooler and the ...

Exergy Analysis of Birla Cement Plant Satna A 1 I IJSER

Exergy and energy analysis of pyrolysis of plastic wastes

Energy and exergy analysis is a practical thermodynamic method to assess the potentiality of waste-to-energy technologies. In this study, plastic wastes were pyrolyzed in a rotary kiln to recover ...

Some rotary kiln exergy analyses neglect the mass flows chemical exergy in the exergetic analysis, considering only the fuel chemical exergy. In this work, chemical exergy impact on this analysis ...

Rotary kiln Specic energy consumption Energy Exergy abstract In this study, the effects of refractory bricks and formation of anzast layer on the specic energy con-sumption of a rotary kiln are investigated. Thermodynamic analysis of the kiln is performed to achieve effective and efcient energy management scheme.

Analysis of the parameters affecting energy consumption of

May 01, 2014 Energy and exergy analyses for the kiln unit of the cement factory are performed by using the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Specific heat capacity, input and output mass of each item, temperature, pressure values and constant specific heat of the input and output materials are determined for the operating rotary kiln.

Impact assessment of CO 2 emissions caused by exergy

Jan 01, 2011 In this study, global effects caused by exergetic inefficiency are examined for rotary kiln of the cement plant. For this purpose, a rotary kiln process of a cement plant in Turkey is modelled, and the annual operation data of this process is analysed. As a first step, an exergy analysis is carried out for all of the thermal processes of the cement plant. Then exergy losses and carbon dioxide ...

PDF Exergy analysis of cement production Christopher

Exergy analysis of cement production. Christopher Koroneos. ... An exergy analysis for cement industries An overview. By Shrikant Kol. Energy and Exergy Analyses of Egyptian Cement Kiln Plant With Complete Kiln Gas Diversion through by Pass Corresponding Author. By Jos Urday. Energetic and exergetic assessments of a cement rotary kiln system ...

PDF Exergy analysis of cement production Christopher

CFD analysis of a rotary kiln using for plaster production

Apr 11, 2018 Results obtained from the mass balance in the exergy analysis of the rotary kiln showed that excess combustion air was sent to the combustion chamber . The reason of this is that the combustion air is used as a momentum source for movement of the gypsum along the kiln. The temperature distribution in the rotary kiln should move parallel with ...

CFD analysis of a rotary kiln using for plaster production

The exergy analysis of the plant shows that most of the energy degradation occurs in the kiln. The analysis also enabled to assess the influence of the replacing fossil fuel by biomass on the increase of exergy efficiency of the plant.

Exergy assessment of a rotary kilnelectric furnace

Nov 01, 2017 The exergy balance of the rotary kiln is displayed in Fig. 3 b. Compared with the rotary dryer, the purpose of the rotary kiln is not only dehydration but also pre-reduction. Correspondingly, the exergy of purpose includes exergy flow of evaporation and laterite ores calcined. Therefore, the exergy efficiency of the rotary kiln is 26.93.

Exergy assessment of a rotary kilnelectric furnace

PDF Assessment of energy and exergy efficiencies of a

Ari 13 did an energetic exergetic analysis for a rotary kiln system recovering heat from preheater and clinker cooler exhaust gas. An increase of about 50 was reported for exergy efficiencies. A mathematical model was introduced by S g t et al. 14 for the heat recovery from a rotary kiln

Energy and exergy analyses of a parallel flow four stage

raw mill, the rotary kiln, the trass mill and the coal mill on the production line were found in their study as 8425, 6149, 7413 and 7418, respectively. This study focuses on the energy and exergy analysis of the four cyclone parallel flow cement production system. The energy and exergy balances for the whole

Energy and exergy analyses of a parallel flow four stage

Energy and exergy analysis in an asphalt plants rotary dryer

Abstract In this paper, energy and exergy analyses of a rotary dryer employed in a Hot Mix Asphalt HMA plant for heating and drying of the aggregates in the mixture is presented. In the analysis, the exergy method in addition to the more conventional energy analysis, is employed to identify and evaluate the thermodynamic losses. The results show that, at design conditions, the plant performs ...

17 rows Jul 05, 2016 In the exergoeconomic analysis of the rotary kiln, the exergy costs of the exergy ...

Chemical exergy influence in the exergetic analysis of a

Jan 10, 2021 Rotary kiln exergy classical efficiency, when considered all the chemical exergy contribution, was 55.5, while the classical exergy efficiency considering just the fuel chemical exergy was 38.2. The results indicates that, even in a system with high temperature, such as the rotary kiln, the chemical exergy may be considered in the exergy analysis.

Chemical exergy influence in the exergetic analysis of a

General arrangement of rotary kiln 2.1. Energy and Exergy Analysis Reference environment is a very important parameter in exergy analyses acting as a system, like a sink or source. In this investigation, June 2015 data is considered. The following assumptions have been

The specific cost method SPECO has been used for the exergoeconomic analysis. The exergetic cost and cost rate and of the clinker product of the rotary kiln are found to be 77.3 GJ and 2608...


Exergetic analysis and pollutants emission from a rotary

Oct 02, 2018 The exergy analysis and air pollutants emission estimation from the kiln system of a major cement manufacturing plant located in Nigeria were conducted with a view to improve the level of performance of the production unit and minimize environmental effects.

Exergetic analysis and pollutants emission from a rotary

The overall exergy destruction accounts for 46.4 of the total exergy input, in which 24.8 is caused by chemical reactions. Moreover, the exergy destruction due to chemical reactions of rotary dryer, rotary kiln and electric furnace is 20.4, 27.1 and 5.1, respectively. It is also found that combustion is the dominant factor for the ...

Exergy assessment of a rotary kilnelectric furnace

System Parameters Study for a Roller Kiln Based on

Jul 31, 2020 using exergy analysis for a rotary kiln-electric furnace. Regarding a lime production plant, according to the rst and second laws of thermodynamics, Wenjie Rong et al. 18 determined the energy and exergy e ciencies for an annular shaft kiln, and revealed the dominant factor a ecting the exergy e ciency.

Thermodynamic Analysis of Cement Production

ning from the raw mill to the rotary kiln, the cooler and the cement mill. Fig. 2. shows a representation of the simulated system. 2.3 Exergy Analysis Exergy analysis is a methodology for the evaluation of per-formance of devices and processes. Exergy is the maximum amount of work that can be obtained from a stream of matter,

Thermodynamic Analysis of Cement Production


Jun 30, 2021 EXERGY ANALYSIS OF ROTARY KILN IN CEMENT PRODUCTION . PROCESS . Hendar Wirawan 1, Nazaruddin Sinaga 2 . 1 Magister Energi, Sekolah Pasca Sarjana, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia .

In this study, thermodynamic assessment of the rotary kiln unit of a cement plant is carried. For the analysis, mass, energy and exergy balances of the rotary kiln are constituted and using actual ...